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  • Media Maker's Masterclass: Intro Level

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    This introductory course from our Academy studios in London is for content producers who are starting out or for established filmmakers who want to expand their skills and scale their business or production portfolio.
    You’ll discover proven strategies and tested tactics from successful producers ...

  • The People's Tenor

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  • Waterways of the Tsars

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    RUSSIA - Home to some of the greatest lakes, rives and waterways of the world. Some say that the Waterways of Russia represent her people and define her very nature. The waters of its great rivers and lakes flow in the heart of every Russian. WATERWAYS of the TSARS THE GATEWAY TO SIX CENTURIES OF...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle Episode 3: Hemingways Cuba

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    By chronicling Ernest Hemingway's life in Cuba we build a contemporary picture of the American influence on this fascinating island, both pre and post revolution. As this story is told, a striking parallel emerges which throws into relief the development of American and Cuban activities in the 20...