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  • Media Maker's Masterclass: Intro Level

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    This introductory course from our Academy studios in London is for content producers who are starting out or for established filmmakers who want to expand their skills and scale their business or production portfolio.
    You’ll discover proven strategies and tested tactics from successful producers ...

  • The People's Tenor

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    see below

  • Waterways of the Tsars

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    RUSSIA - Home to some of the greatest lakes, rives and waterways of the world. Some say that the Waterways of Russia represent her people and define her very nature. The waters of its great rivers and lakes flow in the heart of every Russian. WATERWAYS of the TSARS THE GATEWAY TO SIX CENTURIES OF...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle Episode 3: Hemingways Cuba

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    By chronicling Ernest Hemingway's life in Cuba we build a contemporary picture of the American influence on this fascinating island, both pre and post revolution. As this story is told, a striking parallel emerges which throws into relief the development of American and Cuban activities in the 20...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle Episode 2 Return to Havana

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    This celebrated film journeys into Cuba's cultural heritage, accompanied by the world famous Cuban rhythms that have seen native musicians gain world-wide respect. Rare footage brings the ethnic heart of Cuba to life with an hypnotic soundtrack from some of the most exciting musicians in the worl...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle Episode 1

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    To discover Cuba is to discover the history of the last five centuries, the time that has passed since Christopher Columbus first set foot on these, then, uncharted shores.
    Cuba is an enigma, best known to the outside world for its cigars and for being one of the last bastions of communism, but a...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle (Trailer)

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    Trailer for three episode series.

  • Shakespeare in London

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    Discover the real story behind the much loved, 'Shakespeare in Love' motion picture. Follow the young playwright through 16th century London as he forges some of the world's greatest dramatic works. This is the story of young Shakespeare's life on the banks of the Thames against the backdrop of t...


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    The "Official" much talked about feature length documentary heralded as the most authoritative expose on the world's most legendary mystery and focuses on the only surviving relative of today's most likely suspect controversially identified by DNA analysis.
    The name “Jack the Ripper” conjures up ...

  • The Man who Built Peace

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    The Extraordinary story of the man whose thinking lay behind the creation of the European Union and the United Nations.

    The Man Who Built Peace is a new documentary which shows how Frank Buchman’s message inspired a worldwide movement of changemakers in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and soc...

  • JACK the RIPPER - Follow the Trail

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    Follow the best-selling author and broadcaster as 'The Electric Tourist' leads us to the actual locations where the infamous WHITECHAPEL Murders took place in 1888. This short reveals some surprising on the spot secrets about this extraordinary and disturbing story. Watch out for the full story i...

  • The Man who murdered Sherlock Holmes

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    The untold story behind the legend from the producers of the acclaimed UNMASKING THE RIPPER, The Man who Murdered Sherlock Holmes explores the world of 'Holmes' and discovers the truth behind the love-hate relationship for Conan Doyle's meal ticket detective creation ... and asks the question, in...