History Documentaries

History Documentaries

History documentaries from around the world on subjects as diverse as the infamous Whitechapel Murders to the extraodinary story of the island of Cuba, it's music, it's people and it's fiery destiny.

History Documentaries
  • JACK the RIPPER - Follow the Trail

    A 30 minute special. Follow the best-selling author and broadcaster as 'The Electric Tourist' leads us to the actual locations where the infamous WHITECHAPEL Murders took place in 1888. This short reveals some surprising on the spot secrets about this extraordinary and disturbing story. Watch out...


    The "Official" much talked about, award winning, feature length documentary heralded as the most authoritative expose on the world's most legendary mystery and focuses on the only surviving relative of today's most likely suspect controversially identified by DNA analysis.
    The name “Jack the Ripp...


    Discover the real story behind the much loved, 'Shakespeare in Love' motion picture. Follow the young playwright through 16th century London as he forges some of the world's greatest dramatic works. This is the story of young Shakespeare's life on the banks of the Thames against the backdrop of t...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle Episode 1 Cuba's Conquistadors

    Episode one focuses on the dramatic Cuban history - from it's ethnic origins to the coming of the revolution, seen through the exotic landscapes & hypnotic words of its people. This feature length narrative captures the dramatic events that have created CUBA - from the arrival of Christopher Colu...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle Episode 2: Return to Havana

    This celebrated film journeys into Cuba's cultural heritage, accompanied by the world famous Cuban rhythms that have seen native musicians gain world-wide respect. Rare footage brings the ethnic heart of Cuba to life with an hypnotic soundtrack from some of the most exciting musicians in the worl...

  • CUBA The Forgotten Isle Episode 3 Hemingway's Cuba